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Our bathroom cleaner scrubs up very well. Not only does it make short work of the tub but the rest of the bathroom too. It removes soap scum and watermarks with ease to leave a streak free shine. We’re off for a nice long soak in the tub after all that cleaning.

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  • Tags: Bathroom, Toilet, Glass, Water Residue
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A uniquely formulated glass cleaning compound developed to penetrate and dissolve dirt and oily stains from glass and mirrors.
A special blend of surfactants and wetting agents provide excellent cleaning without streaking. This is a heavy-duty institutional formula which offers quick cleaning for all types of applications.


Spray an even mist onto surface, wipe over entire area than buff dry.
For best results, use a lint free towel or cloth to wipe surface clean and use a second cloth to polish.
Discard towels or cloths when they become heavily soiled. Sponges may be used for large area, followed by drying with a squeegee or paper towels.

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