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About Brandico

Brandico co., LTD is one of the famous British daily necessities high-end brands, headquarters is located in London, England, since founded in 2002, has been committed to offering our customers the ecological quality of cleaning products and services to local supermarkets in the UK for customers build "ecological clean experience", for consumers to fully experience the prairie, pure and fresh and comfortable living space.

Brandico limited's household commodities are loved by British local mothers and nominated by the London district government as one of the quality merchants of British household commodities.

Brand concept

We found that cleaning products are more than just cleaning tools. Newbark wants to create an ecological cleaning brand that
makes cleaning easier.
Simple Cleaning
Newbark adheres to the brand philosophy of
“making cleanliness easier”, and innovatively develops all kinds of operations with ease, time saving and simple tools.
Smooth Experience
Completely solve many years of cleaning problems, simple methods, and top-notch effects, giving customers an instant and satisfying experience.
Ecological Home
Develop a variety of mild, eco-friendly cleaning products to create a fresh, comfortable and ecological living space for people.

Ecological factory

Brandico has established an ecological factory of more than 1000 square meters in the suburb of Britain. Its factory adopts
recyclable materials and the products it produces fully embody the concept of ecological environmental protection. We
have been adhering to the concept of global environmental protection, safety and sustainable development.
In 2004, Brandico was awarded the British Retail Consortium's global standard accreditation of consumer products, which
certifies that factories have strict standards and consistency on the quality of each product.

Chronicle of events

We found that cleaning products are more than just cleaning tools. Newbark wants to create an ecological cleaning brand that
makes cleaning easier.
In 2002,
Newbark brand founder Joseph established Brandico Limited in London, England. The company provides local residents with high quality cleaning products and services;
In 2003,
the founder of the brand, Joseph, put forward the brand concept of “make cleaning easier”, and reached a strategic cooperation with the famous ecological factories in the UK to add biodegradable ingredients to the products;
In 2005,
Abner, The Senior Chemist, joined Brandico Limited, create it’s own research and development department.
In 2006,
R & D center has been set up in London, with a team of 10 International R&D Engineers.
In 2012,
Brandico Limited was nominated by the London District Government as one of the quality merchant for British household items;
In 2017,
Brandico (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was established, marking the official entry of the Newbark brand into the China market;
In 2018,
Newbark pioneered the concept of “1 bottle of double formula” and developed Newbark double-layer cleaner; Obtained EU ROHS certification, Newbark became the officially certified eco-friendly brand in the European Union.