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Does the locust create an ecological chain in your bed? ! Newbark Bug Killer removes artifacts, sprays ahead, removes 99.9% dust mites. 

The comfortable bed is where we remove the fatigue and enjoy the caress and warmth of the home. However, the breeding of dust mites on the bed is also a "difficult" that has plagued us.

Dust mites are currently known as the world's strongest allergens, with 42,000 aphids per 30 grams of dust and more than 12 allergens per aphid.


Itchy skin rash, acne on the back, on the face, severe acne, increased dandruff... even fatal infectious diseases such as severe pneumonia, encephalitis, hand, foot and mouth disease, toxoplasmosis, hemorrhagic fever, etc. disaster!

According to the National Center for Disease Control, the proportion of asthma and allergic rhinitis caused by mites is as high as 91.6%!More than 90% of infants and elderly infectious diseases are caused by aphids.

The locusts are also very mad! It breeds the next generation every three days, 10 times faster than mice. In a popular science program in Japan, the professor said that when the dust mites were the most embarrassing, there were only 30 dust mites in May, and 10,000 can be bred in bed in August.


Even more frightening is that the locust species are as high as 5000+ species, widely distributed in beds, bedding, pillows, towels, carpets, sofas...


There are two traditional methods for solving mites: 1. sun exposure, high temperature killing; 2. suction removal. However, these two methods are not only time-consuming and laborious, but they are not applicable to all places, and they are endless!

Today,introduce to everyone, Newbark Bug Killer, spray with effectiveness, eliminates all bug mites in every corner!.

Newbark Bug Killer

With eucalyptus + cypress essential oil to removes up to 99.9% bug mites

Up to 99.9% anti-mites!

The traditional sun drying is to use high temperature to remove mites, which is not complete. This method requires repeated flipping of the quilt to dry, and the quilt should be exposed to more than 50 degrees. Otherwise, if the surface temperature is high, the mites can climb to the depths of the quilt and avoid the sun exposure.


Suction is infinite after suffering from sputum!

You have to spend 4000-5000 to buy a professional vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, the filter hole of the general vacuum cleaner is too big. The mites can fly directly into the air, and the locusts fly, and the mites fly and become self-defeating.

However, in addition to expensive professional dust cleaners, it is very troublesome to clean small items such as towels, dolls, curtains, and clothes.


In addition to the scent + essential oil, Newbark uses a special combination of eucalyptus leaves and cypress leaves to paralyze the nervous system to block the transmission of nerve information, allowing the mites to enter deep sleep and let the mites collectively euthanize in 15 minutes.

Unlike other fungicides, this product is made from plant essential oils and consists of eucalyptus essential oil and cypress leaf essential oil. Eucalyptus leaves are koala-specific foods, and cypress leaves are widely used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat various diseases.