"Pipeline traffic police" is coming! With its sewer "one sparse hundred"!

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Blocking is always a controversial topic.

The sewer pipe carries a large amount of residue and dirt in the house every day, and some can be washed away with water flow, but some will accumulate in the pipeline. Over time, it becomes a small garbage dump. If it is not cleaned up in time, the garbage accumulated in the pipeline will be accumulated. It will rise up, causing the sewer pipe to be blocked and the smell is compelling.


Newbark stick, from the latest black technology in the UK, can be decomposed with a large amount of dilution after contact with pipeline impurities, easily dissolve the stubborn residue in the tube, 1 time, let the pipeline unimpeded!

Most of the pipeline blockage is caused by the accumulation of soapy grease on the pipe wall. The pipe diameter of the pipe is getting smaller and smaller for a long time, causing blockage. The Newbark stick reacts with the deposits in the pipe, decomposes, dissolves in the water and then drifts away with the water.

working principle:

The reason why the pipeline is easy to block and emit rancidity?


Toothpaste / shampoo / shower gel / soap / detergent residue, oil stains, etc. are easily adsorbed on the U-shaped tube wall, difficult to clean / wash, like scale, in the long run, plugging the pipeline, breeding bacteria, easy to stench.

How does the Newbark stick work?


The length of the stick is just stuck in the U-tube, dissolved in water and chemically reacted with the stain attached to the wall of the water pipe to dissolve it and be washed away with the water flow. Thereby effectively eliminating the rot, fresh air, sterilization and deodorization.