1 bottle to get the whole bathroom cleaned.

time:2018-09-26     source:Newbark

1 bottle to get the whole bathroom cleaned.

Anti-bacterial away from infection

Organic citric acid formula

Studies have shown that the bathroom space is moist and closed, filled with bacteria and fungi that may cause various diseases.

It has hundreds of millions of invisible bacteria, even in the absence of a bathroom, the bacteria content of the bathroom is 60% more than ordinary air. It turns out that the bathroom is the original place of cold infection!  And going to the toilet is even more horrible!

When you press the switch on the toilet, flush the toilet, the excrement, bacteria, and dirt are atomized to form water droplets in the water stream, and the power is sprayed 6 feet away. In addition to going straight to your face, these mists will fall on your bath towels, towels, toothbrushes, cups, soaps, and other things that come into direct contact with your skin every day. 

Writing here, I suddenly felt that my whole body was not good.

Fortunately, I have Newbark bathroom cleaner. It uses a plant-derived organic citric acid formula and sprays it to effectively inhibit bacterial growth and purify the bathroom environment and air. 


Natural citric acid is found in fruits such as lemon, citrus, pineapple, etc. It has many uses in the food industry and cosmetics industry. It is non-toxic and harmless to the human body, does not hurt enamel, is non-corrosive and non-irritating, and is more reassuring to use. The bathroom toilet is the most exposed time of our day. 

The walls of the bathroom and toilet are in a humid environment for a long time. Spray it, rub it, remove the mildew, clean it as new, and inhibit the bacteria and prevent mold again! (To clean regularly!)


The floor of the bathroom is usually very moist and is an environment that is very suitable for the growth of bacteria and mold. If the floor doesn't clean for a long time, after bathing, the bacteria may follow your footsteps, into your bedroom, or even on the sheets. Spray a spray to avoid the problem. You can also clean scale and residual soap scum!

Scale soap scale

Scale is another big problem for the bathroom. 

The fog is always not clean and the glass partition is not clean. It does not only separates the bathroom into two spaces, but also makes the bathroom look smaller. It also makes the bathing experience drop. It always feels that it is not clean and it is not comfortable to use.

The mirror is always not clean, the faucet is not bright, the wash basin is a layer of yellow scale, the shower is slow... these are the scales!


If the inconvenience of these uses can not attract your attention, then bathroom scale and scum will accelerate skin aging, please understand!


By the way, the surprise is that Newbark bathroom cleaners can clean the scales and rust stains in addition to the scales.

The water heater faucet is rubbed with Newbark bathroom cleaner, just like the new one!


Yellow wash basin, aged scale, scum, spray, not a problem!

Glass partitioning to scale is no longer a headache.

Bathroom smell

As a relatively closed, poorly ventilated space, bathroom odor is also an unbearable problem!


Different from the pungent taste of common cleaning agents and toilet cleaners, Newbark bathroom cleaners add natural botanical extracts, which are refreshing and sweet, refreshing and scented.